Holistic and Evidence Based Treatment approach,
incorporating all availableeffective treatment modalities,
both mainstream and alternative

Individualised care focusing on client satisfaction

Lasting recovery due to attention towards predisposing factors (e.g., posture, stress, nutrition, habitual deep muscle tension, medical co-morbidities) instead of just symptomatic relief.

Specific treatment protocol for each condition, scientifically validated by International peers


Patient centric approach.

Focus on functional restoration and improving quality of life.

Ethical work practices and professionalism.


Physical Therapy

Myotherapy and Manual Therapy {Dry Needling, Stecco Fascial manipulation (Italy), Taping etc}

Relaxation Techniques, Breathing Exercises & Stress Management

Early intervention for Childhood Developmental Disorders

Ergonomics and Body Mechanics Training

Fitness Programmes, Strengthening, Aerobic Conditioning

Ergonomics risk assessment and body mechanics training

Antenatal and Post Natal Fitness Programmes

On-site Occupational Health and Ergonomics Programmes

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